Unspecial Effects

2022, Video, 2K, 5:20 min, stereo sound

full video
excerpt, 2:15 min


Using the artificial paradises of two botanical gardens in Germany and Portugal, Unspecial Effects reflects on the narrative of catastrophe, its cinematic effects, and neocolonial logics. The glass cathedral towers over a perfectly ordered landscape. Everything is arranged, designated, obsessively categorized - collaged together across thousands of miles.

The world has ended many times, for many people - just not in the romanticized blockbuster way. Catastrophe cinema celebrates spectacular meteor showers, while the souvenirs of the real apocalypse in necroesthetic building showcases all over Europe.

Installation views

Isn't it nice when things just work?, Solo, Konsumverein, Braunschweig, DE

TW: Europe, Eigen + Art Lab, Berlin, DE ©Jonas Höschl

Possession. An underground panorama, Maximiliansforum, Munich, DE ©Milena Wojhan

Video stills

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