She Can Have Eyes Or Not      2019       with Giulia Zabarella

audio walk in public space, approx. 30 min, stereo sound

in the framework of Crossroads as Win-Win Situation, Highway Overpass Freimann / Tatzelwurm, in public space, Munich, DE
with eponymous publication, co-curated and organized with Giula Zabarella
featuring artists Sarah Doerfel, Raphael Krome, Annabell Lachner, Adrian Sölch
photos by Thomas Splett

A group of visitors is led to a secret place where they take part in a tour

that spans all levels of a highway overpass in the north of Munich (called „Tatzelwurm“,

literally many-paws worm, a local name for dragonbodied creatures).

The audio walk interweaves fragments of spoken word, music snippets and ambient recordings

and focuses on developments of the rapidly gentrifying city, more or less corporeal spirits

and network pings from connected to organized (proto-)urban spaces.

Walking along the tiny shortcuts among the concrete body of an efficiency structure

not meant for human scale, every participant is given time and space to move around freely

inside architecture and text. The visitors are gently led through the stacked building by

hints towards details and landmarks in their surroundings, so they don‘t get lost -

a female voice, derivative of common navigation devices, takes on the role of a

(sometimes tangled) Ariadne‘s string.


      All images and content © Laura Leppert 2020.