Agorà Eats Itself      2019

performative reading with 10 participants, approx. 10 min

view Aperto, CSAV Artist's Laboratory, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Villa Sucota, Como, IT
photos by Luca Bianco

The chatroom as a virtual forum becomes a blurry stage on which characters form

among the audience. A chatroom script has been transcribed in real time - the pace

of incoming messages, sometimes rapid, sometimes trickling, conjures overlapping cacophonies

and awkward silences, transplanted from online space to bodily acoustic space.

The performers are dispersed throughout the crowd - there have been no rehearsals, and noone

knows what the others will say. Some take the role of spammers, some of bots, and there

are several sub-conversations simultaneously. The script follows the slang and structure

of a found live chat that is interwoved with slippages of real and virtual space and time

zones, anecdotes and slang from the time the group of artists spent together, and passages

of the impressionistic script of the movie „Roma“ by Fellini.

participants         Marc Buchy, Wesley Larios, Michael Sven Meier, Tomás Nervi,
                                                                                        Deirdre O'Leary, Théo Pesso, Alan Segal, Paulo Wirz, Eleni Wittbrodt,
                                                                                        Lorenzo Benedetti


      All images and content © Laura Leppert 2020.