Possession   2021, work in progress

2-channel video, 2K, 29:49 min, stereo sound

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Shot in the open coal mines of the Ruhrgebiet in western Germany, its surrounding torn down ghost villages and mountainous slagheaps, as well as subterranean karst caves in eastern Slovakia, Possession joins contemporary panoramas, fictional narratives and analogue special effects. Contemporary existing landscapes inscribed with unpre- cedented human activity, which and have shaped western economy as it is today as much as they have been shaped by profit-oriented extraction, become sites where logics and thought patterns of extractive politics, possessive enclosures and our notion of energy can be questioned and assembled anew.

The main character works as hand-pollinator at a fruit plantation, a scenario that has already arrived in the world, yet is unevenly distributed. Somewhere on the way to work, which is in close proximity to the still operating coal mines, she catches an environ- mental disease - a microbody, which is ingested and after brief adjustion symptoms enables the growth of new sensoriums, attuned to the environment. We have never been individuals; necessarily we become chimeric citizens.

Fossil fuels, substances which have no value to the capitalocene until they‘re burned, are cast as poetically energized materials, an incredibly dense complex of former organisms and ecosystems that can be resurrected anew.


with                     Johanna Käthe Michel

                          Fredi de Graft

                          Gesche Witte

DOP                  Mathias Reitz Zausinger

Aerial DOP       Thomás da Silva

sound on site     Florian Purschke

lighting              Thomás da Silva

soundtrack         Georg Paul

advisor               Giulia Zabarella

director              Laura Leppert





props & sets


additional footage

special thanks      Tatiana Takáčová, Petra Housková, Anna Mária Trávničková,
                               Zuzana Kotiková, Igor Kopeč, Alisha Raissa Danscher,
                               Linda Schröer, Laila Schubert, Olaf Nicolai


      All images and content © Laura Leppert 2020.