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Inner Saboteurs

Inner Saboteurs

Artist book
29 x 21 cm, 64 pages, thermochromic softcover, 4/4 colour, each one numbered
Printing and binding by Druckhaus Sportflieger, Berlin. Edition: 200.
All texts and images © Laura Leppert.

10 EUR + shipping

Running parallel to working on How Long Is Now I started work on another manifestation in book form - an artist book called Inner Saboteurs, which just rolled fresh out of the printers. It comprises an extended version of the text featured in the video work, and remixed drawings and images of the thinking process.

Respawns, saving points like in video games, flashbacks, hangovers, lags, slowmotion trainwrecks and returns of thought-dead problems from unruly graves meander and superimpose throughout the text. It meditates on isolation, the nature of routines and thought patterns, the well-trodden paths of timetravel plots, and if you‘re indeed hurting continuity while killing time.

Also, if you press your cheek or warm hands to the cover, the thermochromic layer morphs away in the shape of the imprint.

      All images and content © Laura Leppert 2022.