2020 |Video | 28:00 min | FHD | 16:9 | stereo sound

A young entrepreneur tries to get his hallucinated start-up moving. Under scrutiny by disembodied synthetic voices, he is making deals on his dummy-like phone. Dialogues turn into monologues – he keeps clinging to moving deadlines for lack of a better idea, and it remains unclear if his business is really picking up speed. The hysterical language of dealmaking, a frankensteinian version of neoliberal tech lingo point to the absolute opportunism of the climate he produces, and in which every thought seems to be build on swamp land. The interiors are temporary and makeshift-like, and are saturated with multiple synthetic voices that implicate the presence of technologic or semi-human bodies, which never appear on screen.
With the project and the surroundings collapsing, and facing private like ecological failure, this narrow script of success must be left behind.

Forecast deals with the obsession with a project that is constantly changing. It was filmed in temporary urban spaces emblematic of a nomadization of urban daily life – a self storage, a nap cab, a specially contructed one-room-flat and the backseats of cabs and cars.

Installation view

Forecast, Graduation show, AdbK Munich, Munich, DE

Video stills


script, props, locations, costume design, editing
        Laura Leppert

        Mathias Reitz Zausinger

        Enrique Fiß, Milena Wojhan

        Hannah Correll, Georgia Kaw, Adrian Sölch, Ian Moorse,
        David Scheffler, Simona Andrioletti

set design
        Laura Leppert, Florian Purschke

sound recordings
        Jakob Braito, Florian Purschke

        Clemens Hagemann

supported & funded by
        Diplom-Preis der Erwin-Gisela-Steiner-Stiftung, 2020

      All images and content if not stated otherwise © Laura Leppert 2024.