Empty Hand       2018

video, Full HD, 5:12 min, stereo sound, english subs

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installation view Videodox Prize for Emerging Artists, curated by Dunja Bialas, Galerie der Künstler*innen, Munich, DE

The gestures of presenting, handling, gift-giving or withdrawing -

Empty Hand focuses on the well-known trope of the object of desire,

its morphing from classical cinema through contemporary advertising, and slowly

shifts from the object at hand to the vocabulary of gestures surrounding,

framing, holding it.

Hands show, present, grab, grapple and tear,

rip open packages and pass secrets to one another.

Stock photos of people presenting their palms as platforms for products yet to be inserted,

the MacGuffin plot device and its hacked-up use in mainstream cinema as deus ex machina,

and Black Friday‘s hysterics are distilled to an everflowing river of hands.

installation view Territory of ready, Maximiliansforum, Munich, DE

Empty Hand was originally made for a subterranean exhibition space called Maximiliansforum,

a discontinued side-branch sttion of public transport located beneath the most expensive

luxury shopping street in the center of Munich.


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