Empty Hand

2018 |Video | 5:36 min | FHD | 16:9 | stereo sound

Deities are recognized by their attributes, movie‘s plots are driven by the chase for objects. But what‘s in the center if the object of desire is interchangeable?

Stock photos of people presenting products yet to be inserted, MacGuffins in mainstream cinema and Black Friday‘s hysterics are distilled to an everflowing river of hands.

Empty hands show, present, grab, grapple and tear, rip open packages and pass secrets to one another.

Installation views

Videodox Biennial, group show, Galerie der Künstler*innen, Munich, DE

Territory of ready, group show, Maximiliansforum, Munich, DE

Video stills


script, set design, editing, DOP, sound
        Laura Leppert

        Sarah Doerfel, Michael Mieskes, Giulia Zabarella

      All images and content if not stated otherwise © Laura Leppert 2024.